Everett Public Library: 125th Anniversary

Amid mud and exploding stumps…a library! Everett Woman’s Book Club brought culture to a brutal new industrial city in 1894. The podcast tells the story of the hard work of how the Everett Woman’s Book Club parlayed political muscle and donated books to build an enduring civic institution during hard economic times. The podcast is part of the Everett Public Library’s effort to commemorate its 125th anniversary in 2019.

Everett Woman's Book Club sitting on steps of Monte Cristo Hotel

Podcast Credits

Voice actors: Abigail Cooley, Van Ramsey, Mindy Van Wingen, Ron Averill, Lisa Labovitch, Andrea Wallis, Carol Ellison, Eileen Schnarr, Alan Jacobson, Joyce Peter, Laura McCarty, Cameron Johnson.

Script: Cameron Johnson

Audio editing: Cameron Johnson


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