Requiem for Rosie


The library is interested in producing an expanded report on the Forest Park Zoo. If you have photos, home movies, maps, flyers, clippings or other documents about the zoo, please call 425-257-7640 or email.

This eight-minute video recording concerns the Forest Park Zoo in Everett, Washington, which housed wild, exotic animals from 1914 until 1976.

Video Credits

  • Narration: Van Ramsey
  • Script: Cameron Johnson
  • Research: David Dilgard, Lisa Labovich, Jack O'Donnell
  • Audio editing Cameron Johnson
  • Photo editing: Laura McCarty, Cameron Johnson
  • Technical assistance: Zac Matthews
  • Smokestack Soundbites theme music: "Another Day," by The Wild Snohomians
  • Background music: (O) Clarinet Concerto in A minor, K. 622, By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Simon Schindler, conducting, Fulda Symphonic Orchestra. Wikimedia Commons

Sound Effects From the Freesound Project

  • 59186_dobroide_20080728-peacock
  • 69572_bidone_lion-roaring
  • 103117_geronimo83_elephant
  • 116230_soundbytez_zoo-entrance
  • 157763_felix-blume_a-donkey-is-braying-in-his-enclosure-in-south-of-france
  • 29440_ylearkisto_karhut-syovat-ja-murisevat-bears-eating-and-growling-in-a-zoological-park-brown-bear-spring-birds
  • 256533_dkaufman_coyote-barks-and-howls

Photo Credits

  • "Animal Cages at Woodland Park Zoo, 1916." Flickr: Seattle Municipal Archives.
  • "Time Machine." Sachin Sandhu.
  • "An Elephant Eating." Donald Macauley. Flickr: IMG_5114
  • "Meat selection dish at restaurant Kolkovna, Prague.jpg" by JIP

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Herald Articles

  • 8 August 1923: "Census of Forest Park Shows Animal Collection Has Zoo Proportions: What They Eat."
  • 13 June 1951: "Rosemary Is Here and the Children of Everett Will Be Happy for Many, Many Years to Come."
  • 14 June 1951: "Rosemary Meets Namesake."
  • 11 June 1955: "Seek Funds for Elephant, Lions."
  • 14 October 1955: "Rosemary, Forest Park's Elephant Is Dead: Board Talks Development Plans."
  • 20 December 1972: "Everett's Bear Chews Gum."
  • 10 June 1976: "Council Votes to Send Park Bears to Sequim."

Los Angeles Times Articles

  • 11 August 2011: "Beatings, Abuse Elephants in Captivity: A Dark Side."

Rosie the Elephant Poses With Al Weis