The Library is a community resource in which a collection of books and other materials are shared among members. The members have an obligation to return materials in a timely manner so others may also use them. The library follows bankruptcy laws for patrons who have filed for bankruptcy and whose debts have been discharged. 


The Library will discharge a patron's debt that has been lawfully discharged in bankruptcy.
  1. Before the Library will discharge a patron's debt, the patron must provide a copy of a valid court order discharging the patron's debt.
  2. Library fines for overdue materials (this does not include debt for damaged or lost materials) may not be discharged in bankruptcy and will remain the responsibility of the patron. See 11 U.S.C.A. 523(a)(7).
  3. If a patron's borrowing privileges are currently suspended pursuant to section 3.0 of the Library's Loan Policy, the patron may request reinstatement based on a lawful court order discharging the patron's dischargeable library debt, provided the patron has returned all overdue materials that have an active item record and paid all non-dischargeable and other current debt due to the Library.

Approved by Board of Trustees,

Everett Public Library


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Revised June 22, 2011

Revised December 13, 2012