Damaged Materials


The Library is a community resource in which a collection of books and other materials are shared among members. 

  1. This damaged material policy has been established to enable the library to recover costs for material that has been defaced, damaged or returned incomplete while in the patron's care. 

Damaged Material

  1. Material is damaged when, in the sole discretion of library staff, circulation of an item is prohibited due to its condition.


  1. The Library charges current replacement cost for damaged material. Damaged material includes, but is not limited to melted, warped, cracked or broken discs, and any material chewed, written in, stained, or liquid damaged.
  2. The Library does not charge for damage that is a result of normal wear and tear on items or containers. There is no charge for erased computer discs or other damage caused by playback equipment. 
  3. Patrons have 10 days, after notification, to return missing pieces of an item (artwork, case, disc, etc.) without charge. After that time a non-refundable replacement fee will be due. Whenever possible the library will replace pieces or parts; if replacement pieces are not available the full cost of the item will be charged and the item will be discarded from the system and may be given to the patron upon payment. The Library retains the withdrawn damaged item for six months.
  4. The Library charges a replacement fee for unreturned pieces based on current replacement costs. 
  5. In addition to any other damaged material costs, there is a $3.00 non-refundable charge for defacement of library material. Defacement includes but is not limited to materials returned with the barcode removed, library identification blackened out or erased, or barcodes switched to another item.

Approved by Board of Trustees,
Everett Public Library
Date/Library Board President

Revised September 9, 1998
Revised November 6, 2002
Revised December 3, 2012