Community History Project

Page from a photo album showing three different sepia-toned photographs. Top left shows three happy Every day we are making history, but this is even more clear when we find ourselves living through a period that is undeniably historic. A century ago people left physical evidence of their lives: photographs, journals, and letters that survived for historians to study. Today the digital records that we create are harder to ensure survival into the future. To avoid gaps in the historical record, archives like the Northwest Room must intentionally collect and preserve digital materials.

With the aim of documenting life during COVID-19, the Northwest Room created the Community History Project. We ask members of the community to submit their personal accounts, photographs, poetry, art, and anything else they would like to share about how they are staying home and staying safe. To have your submissions considered for inclusion in the archives, email If you wish for your submission to remain anonymous, please say so in your email.

Thank you for helping preserve local history.