Reservable Kits

  • Waiting List: Lotus Lantern Craft Workshop with the KSCPP (Virtual) 9/23/21 @ 6PM. Sign up for the waiting list here. If we have kits that were not picked up we will contact you.
    This class is for adults. 
  • Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: Mooncakes (Virtual) 9/24/21 @ 4PM. Celebrate the harvest season with mooncakes and stories about the tradition. All kits containing a sample mooncake and a mooncake press mold have been reserved. Sign-up for the waiting list here. You can attend the program without a kit. This is a family program, more information can be found in our calendar.
  • Cooking with Cam 2: How to Make Nanaimo Bars (Virtual) 9/28/21 @ 6PM. These classic no-bake bars, popular across British Columbia, are a decadent, easy to make treat perfect for serving at a late summer picnic. Kit contains a small box of Bird's Custard Powder, the hard to find British ingredient called for in most recipes. Sign up for a kit here. Sign up for the program here.

First Come, First Served Kits - no signup required

These kits are available for curbside pickup, or ask inside the library. 

  • Water Conservation Kits- (partnership with City of Everett Public Works). Indoor and outdoor water conservation kits, include items like low flow shower heads, moisture meters, aerators and low flow nozzles plus kid's activities.
  • Solar Kits- (partnership with Snohomish County PUD). Solar kits include solar powered robots and bracelets, and solar energy experiments for kids.