Jobseeker Skills and Resources

Are you looking for a job or need help finding one?  We’re here to help!

Grow Your Jobseeking Skills

Each week in July at 4pm the Library is presenting a new resource or skill-building activity to increase the chance to successfully land a job.  These skills and resources don’t only help with finding a job – they are essential for any person working in today’s world.

After each program airs live on our FaceBook page, we will post the video here for you to watch whenever you want.

7/8: Create a Resume with Google Docs
Learn how to set up a free resume template online with Google Docs. Learn strategies for applying for jobs so that you don’t need to waste time re-creating your resume from scratch each time.

7/15: Power your Job Search with Google Tools
Learn how to perform effective job searches and keep track of the process so that you can keep focused on the essential things.

7/22: Level Up with Google’s Applied Digital Skills Courses
See what Courses are available and enroll to become proficient in any number of Google Applications and Tools.

7/ 29: Library Resources for Jobseekers
See all of the resources that the Library has to offer to support you in your job search and career growth.