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Cooking Up Community 2022 (Adult Community Cookbook)

  1. Cooking Up Community
  2. Entry deadline: February 28
  3. Details
    • For ages 18 and up
    • Original work only
    • Team or group entries allowed
    • Length limit: 1000 words or fewer 
    • All varieties of art and writing are welcome! (Including but not limited to recipes, drawings, essays, short stories, and comics)
  4. Open to ages 18 and up (if you are younger than 18, please submit at

  5. Please limit submission to your one best work or cluster of work. 

  6. We reserve the right to not include works based on content and length. Pieces of an entry may be used rather than the whole. Entries will be printed as submitted. No editing will be conducted without author permission. 

    Entries become property of Everett Public Library. By submitting an entry, all  creators grant permission to Everett Public Library to reproduce and publish the work in any media; including print, digital, and social media. 

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