Tiny Art Show, 2022

Tiny art show

Welcome to our Tiny Art Show! 

The Everett Public Library community was invited to create an art piece for our Tiny Art Show. Participants received a kit containing a miniature canvas with easel, acrylic paints, and a paint brush, and they could use the included supplies or provide their own art supplies to create a tiny masterpiece.  

These pieces were displayed at the Main Library (2702 Hoyt Ave, Everett) and Evergreen Branch (9512 Evergreen Way, Everett) through April 14, 2022.

Enjoy the show!

0 to 5 years old

Malachi S. - Sunny Days
Alexandria - The parachute
Beatrice - tree tree
James - Happiness
Kaeo - Valentine Monster: Wonderful
Mila - The Rainbow
Mia Daffon - Flower Star
Anonymous - I Love Raptors

6 to 11 years old

Tori - Forest
Eva Estes - Bob Ulova
Estes - 5 Birds in a Tree
Kalei - Pineapple Delite
Anonymous - The Rainbow
Liam - BF
Anonymous - Midnight Moon
Esther - wetland with trees
Esther J. - Strange Flower in Another Universe
Jmac - Whoa#146
Alden - Fat Pikachu
Vida - sunset over mountains
Acadia M. - Yggdrasil (ig-dra-sill)
The Pre-Teen Artist - The Moon & Stars
Emily S - Rainbows
Henry Lee - Rainbow
Siena Daffon - Royal Garden
Wolfgang - The Maw
Anonymous - Animal Crossing
Anonymous - Minecraft
Anonymous - Pot of Gold
Anonymous - The Cool Rainbow
Eliana S - Fireworks at the Beach
Brody S - Kayaking the Canal
Zuza - Mountain Lake
Paxton - Library is the Best
Oliver - The World

12-17 years old

Lucy Richardson - Boat Ride
Cam Cam - Fish in the Square
Owen Blakely - Untitled
Anonymous - Happy Mushy

18 years old and up

Heather Lockhart - Spring is just around the corner
Jazmine Hale - Sea otters are my spirit animal
Jane - Prunus Party
Heather Blakely - Untitled
Rosemary Jones - Untitled
Angi Hale - Aurora Dreams
Anonymous - Bwuk!
Anonymouse - Lucy
Jannah M. - In Living Color
Jess Fowler - Birb
Anonymous - Floating
S.W. - Simple Sunflower
Henri - for Carrie
Angela Davie - Moon Shine
Anonymous - You Are Not Alone
Josh Jones - Tiny Easel
Laura Reed - Northwest Moonlight
Donna Gleisner - Scattering Magic

18 years old and up, continued

Angel Katchka - The Circle of Life
Anonymous - Best Buds - Raven and Jessie
Anonymous - Mixed Media Flowers
Amanda - Playing with Bubbles
Tyler Jaross - Tyler Crisp
Trisha Jaross - Slot Canyon
Zach Hale - Dinner with Alfonso
Mel Lee - Cat Drinking Coffee
Liz H - Imagine
Ginny T - Swirly Whirly
EP Holcomb - Give Peace a Chance
Christy S - Springtime
Sarah - Spiral
Yes - Sunset
Pepper - Snow in the City
Chris Marl - Tropic Sunset
Anonymous - Beaches
Kathy M - Untitled