Share Your Story 2022

Join our Youth Writing Festival! This year our theme is food: elegant food, mouth-watering food, family food, fast food, food disasters, and all other things edible. Draw inspiration from your own food memories and from library programs featuring food writers, chefs, foodies, and—of course—people who love to eat. 

We will provide weekly writing prompts to get your creativity (and saliva) flowing. You can also optionally submit to our book! All varieties of art and writing are welcome. 

Share Your Story 2022


Graphic Novel by Local Author: Lily LaMotte

Book cover of Measuring Up by Lily Lamotte

Check out a book talk by Marley Dias for Measuring Up!


Try a random prompt!

  • "What is that intoxicating aroma?" ... "Death." 
  • Look out your window. Incorporate what you see into your story. 
  • Something that shouldn't move is wiggling. 
  • A door that should be locked is wide open. 
  • A sweet smell...
  • Incorporate a quote from a movie or a line from a song.
  • Something that shouldn't burn is burned to a crisp. 
  • Break a rule. 
  • The smell of (your favorite spice). 
  • Write a sentence without the letter "e". 
  • Look in your pockets, purse, pack, or bag, and incorporate what you find there into your story. 

Come write in at Tabby's Coffee every Saturday from 11-4pm


Teen Book List: Creative/General Writing

Rip the Page cover by Karen Benke
Writing Radar Cover by Jack Gantos
First You Write a Sentence by Joe Moran
Dear Ally
Pizza Pigs and Poetry
Writing Creative Nonfiction

Empower others by submitting your work for the library to publish!