Closing at 6 pm November 26 and Closed November 27 and November 28

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General Policies
Loan Policies
Check-out Limits  
Check-out periods
The length of the loan period depends on the type of material checked out. A receipt is printed when you check out materials, which indicates the due date.  You may also review your Patron Account to view due dates or renew checked out items.

Check-out periods are as follows:   
   1 week - Fiction DVDs
       Subject to Daily Late Fines

   3 week - Fiction TV Series DVDs
       Subject to Daily Late Fines

   3 week - All other circulating material
       Subject to Overdue Fines
Check-out limits
In order to ensure the availability of smaller library collections, limits have been set on the following:
    10 Books on CD
    5 DVDs, Fiction  
    5 DVDs, Non-fiction
    25 Magazines
    10 Music CDs
    5 Playaways