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Biographies Index

An Index to Biographies of Snohomish County Residents

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Published 1889-1939
Compiled by the Northwest Room of the Everett Public Library

The following is a list of biographies published in early histories of Washington State. If you find a name you’ve been looking for in this index and don’t have access to the book in which the biography appears, contact us. We will make a copy for you.

Works indexed:

NH History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon & Washington. 2 volumes. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company, 1889.
HH Hawthorne, Julian, ed. and Brewerton, G.D. History of Washington, the Evergreen State. 2 volumes. New York: American Historical Publishing Company, 1893.
HI Hines, Rev. Harvey Kimball. Illustrated History of the State of Washington. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1893.
(NW 979.7 HINES)
PHP Prosser, William Farrand. A History of the Puget Sound Country. 2 volumes. New York & Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1903.
(NW 979.77 PROSSER)
IPC Shiach, William Sidney, ed. Illustrated History of Skagit & Snohomish Counties. Chicago: Interstate Publishing Company, 1906.
SH Snowden, Clinton A., editor. History of Washington. Rise & Progress of An American State. 6 volumes. New York: Century History Company, 1909.
(NW 979.7 SNOWDEN)
HWW Hunt, Herbert and Kaylor, Floyd C. Washington West of the Cascades. 3 volumes. Chicago, Seattle & Tacoma: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1917.
(NW 979.76 HUNT)
WW Whitfield, William, ed. History of Snohomish County, Washington. 2 volumes. Chicago: Pioneer Historical Publishing Company, 1926.
(NW 979.771 WHITFIELD)
PH Spencer, Lloyd and Pollard, Lancaster. A History of the State of Washington. 4 volumes. New York: American Historical Society, 1937.
(NW 979.7 POLLARD)
BA Barteau, Gordon, ed. Who’s Who in the State of Washington, 1939-1940. Seattle: 1939.
(NW 920.0797 CAPITOL)

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