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Everett Public Library Internet Policy 
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Library Mission:
The Everett Public Library connects the community and all its members to resources and services that inform, educate, and entertain. We provide open access to lifelong learning. We embrace the future while preserving the past.

The Internet is a unique information system – unregulated and unmanaged – containing the best and worst of our civilization. As with other information systems and sources, the library will attempt to assist citizens in becoming intelligent users, and make intelligent choices.

Library Computers
The Library will utilize software and hardware designed to filter out Internet content that is inappropriate for children and allow parents to choose from the following choices for their children age 17 and under. (Choices will be coded in the patron’s record, and will require the use of an Everett Public Library card for Internet access. If parents do not indicate a choice, the default will be filtered access.)
    * Use only computers with filtered access to the Internet
    * Use all computers including those with unfiltered access
    * No Access to Internet computers

Adult patrons may choose from these same Internet access options, and an Everett Public Library card is required to schedule time on an Internet computer. All persons must use their own card; loaning a card to another person or using another person’s card is prohibited.

Patrons may not save files to the hard drive. Although the library does not provide electronic mail accounts, users may wish to check the free E-mail services available nationally, such as Yahoo!Mail and Hotmail.

Patron Owned Computers
Patron owned portable computers are allowed in the library and wireless access to the Internet may be available in some locations subject to available bandwidth. All wireless connections pass through a single access port so settings and restrictions apply to all users and are not adjustable on a per user basis. To assure sufficient bandwidth for critical library processes we will be restricting some high bandwidth categories.

Responsibilities of Users
1. Users should always be good citizens of the electronic community of the Internet, abiding by the rules and procedures of the library as well as those of remote systems accessed.
2. Copyright and licensing agreements should be respected.
3. Parents are responsible for the actions of their minor children. The library cannot supervise children.

Unacceptable uses of Everett Public Library computer resources and services include:
1. Use for any purpose that violates federal, state, or local laws, or library policy
2. Interfering with or disrupting other computer users, services, or equipment.
3. Attempting to gain unauthorized entry to other computing, information, or communications devices or resources.
4. Malicious, threatening, harassing or offensive behavior. Offensive behavior may include public displays of sexually explicit materials on a computer screen or in hard copy.

The Internet allows users to connect to networks of resources outside the library. The Everett Public Library has neither control over these resources nor does the library have complete knowledge of what is on the Internet. The Library does not select or edit Internet content. Information on the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or unavailable at times. Library patrons use the Internet at their own discretion. The Internet contains some material that may be inappropriate for viewing or reading by children. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children's use of the Internet; the Library staff is not in a position to provide this monitoring and supervision. The Library's staff shall develop such rules and procedures as are necessary to insure the fair and reasonable use of Internet resources.

The Library's staff will assist patrons with Internet use as time permits, but cannot offer personal instruction. Formal instruction or information on Internet may be offered by the Library at designated times. Information and resources on the Internet enhance those already held in the library and often go beyond what is locally available. However the library neither monitors nor controls access to, or use of the Internet. Current books, periodicals, and videos about the Internet are available in the Library's collection.

The Library Director is authorized to make operational exceptions to this policy that are deemed to be in the best interests of the Library.